We are not spamming you.

Analysis of recent e-mail daemon traffic to this domain suggests that the domain name fmaynard.com is being used by spammers and virus distributors as a From: address.

As a result of this, our domain and others we manage are occasionally improperly placed on spam blocking lists. Mail to us may come back as undeliverable, and mail from us may be blocked, depending on the policies of your mail providers. We continuously monitor the spam blocking list situation and promptly take measures to remove the incorrect blocks. Still, on occasion an e-mail may go astray as a result, and this is not our fault but rather because of the incorrect policies of third-party services.

Typically, the domain name @fmaynard.com is prepended by randomly chosen common first names, e.g. tom, steve, etc. These users do not exist at this domain, and this domain is not responsible for the transmission of any of this spurious message traffic. Replies to these nonexistent accounts will be discarded without being read (see the policy below), so please do not reply to them.

Another trick that spammers use is to steal e-mail addresses from poorly secured computers (i.e. Microsoft Windows systems using MS-Outlook as their mail client) and use those addresses as the "From:" address when sending out spam, often to other addresses in the same address book so it appears that the message is coming from a known individual. Spammers have obtained addresses at fmaynard.com, not from us (we do not use Microsoft products, so are not subject to such exploits) but from others on whose computers our e-mail addresses appear, so that spam appears to come from an e-mail address in our domain. If your mail delivery agent is using RARP or a reverse address to name verification technique, or checks for our sender policy framework entries, you will not receive any of these rogue messages that appear to be coming from us but, in fact, are not. Examination of the message headers, particularly the "Received:" lines, will tell you the true origin of these messages.

Genuine e-mail from this domain is Domain Key Identified Mail (DKIM) and will have a verifiable DKIM signature in the message header.

If you are not using this technology, do not automatically add the domain fmaynard.com or our IP address to any e-mail blacklists. Please protect your own mail delivery subsystem by employing appropriate measures. Thank you.

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